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Here you can find the cheapest airline tickets from/to your destination. We show only the cheapest flights from around 400 cities in Europe. If you want to find the lowest fare for your destination, you have arrived at the right place. 

The fares are displayed based on the most recent searches performed on partner websites.

When is the lowest price for my destination?

Prices change dynamically every 5 minute due to the ongoing process of reservations and it is impossible to have a fixed "pricelist" for all flights.

When and how to book the cheapest ticket?

Best time to book a cheap ticket is around 2 months before the flight. For some popular European destinations cheap tickets are sold earlier than 2 months.

The golden rule to save and to book low fare airline tickets is to book as soon as you have planned and confirmed the trip. The sooner you book, the cheapest you fly!

Our team wishes you to find the cheapest flight ticket for your destination and to have a pleasant flight anywhere you wish!